Life as student has taught me many valuable things that will remain unchanged till at the end of my life. It was september 2015, when I had joined one of the presitigious universisities in Somalia and that is SIMAD UNIVERSITY. It is highly ranked and globally recognized.

Dreams play very significant role in our lives, it is better to day dream because without dreams is like without hopes. We wish good things and if we do not get it we have the faith that good things are on the way and will come to the right person, in the right place at the right time. 

Sometimes, opportunities are under our feet. We may find out good things while it is under our feet. If you do have many resources but do not know how to use it, it is nothing totlly. Being objective student turns you from laziness to critical thinker. life had been my constant coach as it had taught me why we need to work hard and strive towards self independence and financial freedom. our minds are like gardens and our thoughts are the seeds so we may either grow flowers or weeds.

Objective students have realistic goals in their minds. they have clear roadmap in their minds. they know where they come from and where they are going to. everything has an ending point. 

My dear brothers and sisters, it is honor for me to have friends like you. our friendship is like a round or circle it has no end. my dears I would like to announce you that soon I will be starting to write my graduation thesis book throughout this last two semesters. just very deleighted to share that with you as you are my close friends. challenges and difficulties are everwhere but what we need to bear in mind is that every problem has its own solution. we need to try to find a way if we do not we create our own way that wil take us to our destination. 

We will explore the answer to this question together InshAllah.

Hard working pays good things for ever. 

Hold every memory as you go.
Sadam Isak Hassan Ali
Senior Accounting student @ SIMAD UNIVERSITY

My life is like a car and I'M the driver.




Accounting is an interesting field in business and management. Accounting is the language of the business, the better you understand the language the better you communicate. Accounting is a tool which can help us manage our business better. It improves the performance, profitability and the integrity of our Organisation. Accountants offer many services including financial statements preparation. Financial statements is a procedural report that measures the financial condition of each company. They can be annually, quarterly, and semianually. These are reports that are used by two users classified as internal users(insiders) and external users(outsiders). Financial reports should be reliable, available, understandable and comparable because there many investors who rely on this information and make decisions based on that.

Balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement are some examples of financial statements. Balance sheet or the position statement describes how the company is doing financially. It is the snapshot of the overall value of the company. Assets, liabilities and equities are all shown on balance sheet.

Income statement measures the profitability of the company within given period of time. When we subtract expenses from revenues we either obtain net income or net loss.

Net income is when revenues exceeds expense and net loss is when expense exceeds revenue.

In accounting, there are some assumptions and principles. For instance, monetary unit assumption and economic entity assumptions are some of them. Monetary unit assumption states that we can record everything that can be expressed in terms of money. For example, suppose a very important lecturer had left our University. This is loss actually because we missed a valuable lecturer but the question is can we measure the importance of our lecturer in terms of money of course no so we don’t record it.

On the other hand, economic entity assumption says the owner and the business should be separated independently.

Who uses accounting data?. Accounting is used by internal users including, management, finance department, marketing, HR, labor Unions and employees. Investors, creditors and government agencies are also an example of external users.


I’m much more interestethme writing about this field though I have little knowledge about it. I wanna try it more coz it is my hobby. Wish u all the best.


Accounting is a subject that worth learning……

Sadam Isak Hassan

Senior Accounting student @ SIMAD UIVERSITY



Planning, desiring and believing your self is a powerful tool that we can use to eliminate our fears and direct ourselves towards brighter future. Objectivity is something beautiful. When I was in school, I was Unable to pay school fees, buy books, clothes and even sometimes availability of food was critical. But the desire to learn was my guideline.

I talked and discussed my issues with my friends, but no one had accepted what I was saying. Giving hand to someone may not change the whole world, but it may change the whole world of a person. No one had supported me even some of my relatives.

Life is not eternal and everything we have is temporary. However, I had completed high school In Baidoa; the district of Bay region. I tried to work hard. I knew that rules of education are bitter but the fruits are sweet. I read a lot, listened more, and wrote many as well.

One of the things that immediately rush in to my mind is how powerful reading is !!!. It was an evening and I bought a newspaper from one of the shops beside the road and held it in front of my eyes. Surprisingly, this statemet attracted my eyes “Stick to your Ideas and believe in Allah”

I know how much I’m struggling today. No one wants to help me except Allah and my beloved mother. When I was young students were used to say ” someone who cannot pay his school fee can’t join University” but by the grace of Allah almighty, Today I’m in Mogadishu and soon I will complete bachelor degree in ACCOUNTING field at SIMAD UNIVERSITY.

IF you find good things in life, try to use your resources effectively because it is not eternal and if you find bad things in life, you should know that it is temporary and good things are on the way.

By: Sadam Isak Hassan

Senior accounting student @ SIMAD UNIVERSITY.

“Dreams come true”

“الاحلام تتحقق”



People may change, your love may hurt you, your beloved fellows may leave and everything may go wrong

At this time, we need to manage our life by asking advices to our friends about this. But if everything     go wrong we need to remind our selves one thing: that life goes on. The photo above was captured a day that will remain in mind til the rest of my life. It was 19th,Aug, 2018 @ the main campus of my university presenting English course specifically advanced level. Throughout this course, we have learned different skills through discussions and debates among students. For instance, reading strategies, speaking, and listening was the core and the key things that I can mention. On the other hand, time management, hard working, working under pressure and multitasking was also there.
From the beginning of the course up to the end, we established an interactive class. Students were able to express their ideas, can speak the language, had the courage to speak and give a presentation.
As students, we all have realistic goals in our minds. So to reach our own personal goals and destinations we don’t need to stop everywhere and throw stones to every dog that barks on the roads. Let us follow our objectives and make them true as soon as possible.
Individually, I want to shape my own future without hurting someone. I know the difficulties and challenges that I’m in today. The only way to finish this poverty life is educating and listening my self.
In this world, only educated are free today.

   Hope will improve my writing…..


There are so many Universities in Somalia. They all offer education services. Students enrolled one of these universities are all proud to be part of their institution including me. My university is SIMAD UNIVERSITY. In my essay, I want to talk about why SIMAD is unique?.
Simad is a well-known high education service provider in Somalia. It has been serving the nation since 17th,November, 1999. Previous years Simad was an institution for Management and administrations. After great works, reviewers decided to change into University. 2007, was unforgottable day for  All SIMADFAMILY. It was the time that the institution successfully converted into Uni..
Families, friends, students, lecturers and the different kinds of the community have all trusted the university. They all agreed that it is one of the prominent high education service provider institution in Somalia. There is some special things that made it Unique. For instance, the cultural week, annual competitions, Simadday events, annual business book review, footbal clubs,Institute of modern languages, high quality education and international conferences held at SIMAD are some of the reasons why it is unique.

My future

It was a long time ago after I decided to build and shape my own future without bothering others. My decisions were all right. Yet I can’t say I belong to a bright future,  but at least some of my dreams had came true. Years ago I was nothing;  I was unable to read and write in any language even my own language. By the grace of Allah almighty, today though I’m not perfect, I’m sure I can communicate my fellows around the world using few languages such as Somali, Arabic and English as well.
This is gradual life and educational progress. This can not be denied or ignored at all. To keep on improving   and developing my skills, I tried to improve and enhance my writing skills which is essential part of English language. Today, the world is adapting to communicate through writing which can give the culture of writing its significant. For this reason, I thought a while and one of the major things that came in to my mind was to have a platform where I can exhibit my ideas. It is the first time to write a blog. I don’t have much more experiences            
About writing blogs and etc.  I want  to be unique, self-respect and ideal student to others. I’m responsible by my self; my family and the whole community. Lastly, people may change, your love may hurt you, our best friends may leave and everything may go wrong, but we all have to remind our selves one thing which is if all these things go wrong remember that life goes on.